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It's free wedding stuff time again! This month I have been on the look out for more free wedding favor ideas and of course a great freebie for Valentines.

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Wedding favors cause a lot of debate amongst our cheap wedding brides, on one side they are a waste of money as they often get left at the tables and on the other a nice way to thank your guests - as long as they don't cost much money!

The answer to both sides had to be to find some free wedding favors, and as I am always up for a Cheap Wedding challenge I started to hunt.

I came across one very clever bride who managed to get 96 mini whiskey bottles for the men at her wedding completely free. She wrote about 30 letters to the managing directors of many firms - not all drink related, explaining that they were looking to provide a miniature of the firm's product for their wedding favor, the number they needed and the fact that these would be a free source of advertising for the company. The company may be able to use the wedding as great PR for their company and most companies do manufacture samples that would be perfect for favors. Only 3 companies got back to them but if you don't ask - you don't get!

Samples also come in the form of perfume, soap, aftershave and bubble bath - I was surprised at how many brides I have found that have been asking at shops for samples - vials of perfume and mini soaps for their favors. They have only got a few each time but if you start soon enough you could soon have quite a collection.

Hotels are also great for collecting small packets of tea, coffee and toiletries. Ask friends and family that stay away alot to collect them for you. You may need to redo the labels on the items, you could even have your initials and your wedding date printed onto labels or you could package them all in little favor bags.

Another fairly free favor idea is to collect lots of small glass jars, wash them and add a label with your guests name (they can then double up as place cards) and a note thanking your guests for being at your wedding, explain that the jar is for them to fill with candy or sweets from the candy bar. All you will need is a table laid with big bowls or glass jars full of your favorite candy and little scoops for your guests to fill their jars.

Couldn't write this newsletter without talking about Valentines and the chance for you to get a free printable Valentines card. Head over to my other site - Anniversary Gifts where you will find cards ready for you to print, or you could use the form to send your own photograph to be made into a personal card just for your sweetheart.

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Good luck with your plans and Happy Valentines!

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