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Free wedding stuff that is more than a printable wedding planner is hard to find, you want stuff for your wedding that is properly free not just a token gesture.

Recently a number of brides have been sharing their cheap wedding ideas over at

Cheap Wedding Ideas and amazingly the idea of advertising for your free wedding stuff has worked.

First there was Amanda her great free wedding idea was to advertise for a vintage car for free in exchange for the owner of the car to have a copy of the photographs!

And then there was Niki who recently advertised for a new wedding photographer that was looking to add to their portfolio, they had a number of replies and even one couple that offered to do it for free!

The key for advertising for your free wedding stuff is to provide a winning situation for the wedding supplier, whether it is to increase their portfolio, have professional photographs for themselves or to have a great new reference – although that only works if they are starting out.

Most of the wedding suppliers that are willing to provide their services for free will be those that are starting their careers and looking to increase their portfolio.

This is especially true of wedding photographers and cake makers, just google free wedding photographers at the moment and you will see what I mean!

If you do manage to find a great free wedding supplier you may find that they will ask you to cover their expenses, make sure you have everything in a contract so both you and they know exactly what you are getting.

And as with everything for your wedding you will want it to be perfect, make sure you have tasted their cake or seen previous examples of their photography and arrange a meeting with them so that you know you will be happy with them at your wedding.

A great free place to advertise for your wedding is craigslist or gumtree both are popular with wedding suppliers.

Good luck finding your free wedding stuff, let me know if this works for you and if it does it would be great if you could share your free wedding stuff here!

Cheap Wedding Solutions is being added to all the time, not just by me but lots of you are sharing your great cheap wedding ideas and the best bit is you may win this month's prize by entering your unique cheap wedding idea!

You can keep up to date with the latest updates by looking at my cheap wedding blog. Have a look and see what you think, if you have any questions drop me a line on the contact page.

Good luck with your plans!

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