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Free wedding money? Sounds a bit too good to be true! Before you buy anything else for your wedding you must read this to not only save yourself some money but get money back!

Most of us have credit cards, but have you got the best credit card for your wedding? Just by the fact that you are looking at finding ways to have your wedding cheaper I realise that you are not looking to run up huge debts but if you pay off your credit card in full each month then there is very little cost to having one. The reason I have mentioned them is that there are so many offering cashback on purchases, just imagine what 2% cashback on a $7000 or £3000 reception is? $140 and £60 of free money!!

It is worth shopping around for the best deal as a number of credit cards will offer higher cash back rates at the beginning 3% or 5% in some cases if your purchases are of a certain amount. As cheap wedding solutions is a very international site it is impossible to list all the best credit card deals in your country, have a shop around and if you find the best deal let us know so that we can share!

Make sure you check all credit cards small print before you sign up to one. To make the most money out of your wedding make sure all of your purchases are on the same card, however small!

If you keep all of your wedding purchases on the same credit card it also acts as a very reliable set of accounts for your wedding that you can then compare with your wedding budget.

As well as cashback a number of credit cards offer reward points off shopping. Have a look at the rewards available with your credit card and utilise the best. You can also use your reward and loyalty cards alongside your cashback credit card, a double bonus.

The subject of shop loyalty cards came up this month when I was talking with one bride who has nearly managed to save up enough loyalty points to buy their wedding rings! Don't just think that your loyalty points can be used at their stores, this was a tesco loyalty card points being used at a jewellery shop. Definately worth hunting for those loyalty booklets to find out where you can spend them!

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Good luck with your plans!

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