What's Free at Your Wedding Venue?

This month I thought it was time to turn our attention to finding free stuff at your wedding venue.

It is probably your biggest expense in your whole wedding budget so something for free will hopefully help.

Wherever you have booked your wedding recpetion you must realise that you are the customer and that what you want is what you should be able to get, and if not then some great alternatives should be offered.

I have come across lots of brides that go with what their venue is telling them they must have for their wedding rather than their own dream. If you are in control and come across as confident there is little chance that you will be stung for extra expenses on items that you didn't want in the first place.

So let's get down to the nitty gritty of what can you get for free at the venue. Every venue is in business to make money so the best things to negotiate on are those items that have very little, if no cost.

Room hire, don't be pushed into extra room hire costs if you want the function room earlier on the same day, there is no way that any venue will have two bookings when there is a wedding to set up. Weddings take time, laying the tables, dance floor, decorations all need special care. If you are hoping to get into the room the day before it is likely you will be charged as they will have missed out on selling that room.

Find out what equipment the venue owns and see if you can utilise them without it being a cost to yourself. If the venue is older then it is quite likely they have old fashioned cake stands and candleabras, both of which could save you a fortune in decorating and centerpieces.

Does your wedding have a colour scheme? Find out if they are able to hire a different colour in linen, there is normally very little extra cost to the venue if they use their normal linen provider and this helps your decoration costs.

Most venues have an administration department where they will print menus and table plans for functions, they have the templates already set up and will be able to print them for you. I have never heard of a venue charging for that service and this will save you this cost on your wedding stationery.

Another classic is the wedding taster meal, this is where the bride and groom get to sample their chosen wedding menu, I would definately recommend this as when else do you get a free dinner out?

All of the above ideas can be used at any venue, to get the best negotiation discuss these before you pay your deposit as they will be eager to get your business. If your wedding is to be on a quieter date then you have even more leverage!

Have a look at How to get the best venue for less for more ideas on how to save yourself a fortune.

Good luck with your negotiating!

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