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We all love free and this month I have been looking at finding you free wedding stuff for your Groom.

Every Groom whatever the wedding style will need something to wear, for those of you having a more formal or traditional wedding that can mean a tux, a morning suit or even tails. The cost of buying just one suit in this style can cost in the hundreds, if you are looking for cheap wedding solutions this is just not an option.

The only option to keep costs down is to hire your wedding suit, especially as you will probably be looking at the same for the bestman, fathers of the bride and groom and ushers.

Hiring your suit still does give you a lot of choice, you can still choose the color and style and even have the waistcoats to compliment your wedding colors.

The best bit is that a lot of the hire companies are wanting your business and they are offering a free suit if you hire other suits with them. I have listed the big ones that I have found, check the individual websites for all the details. You can always use this as a starting point for any hire negotiations with other companies - ask them to match the deal.

USA - Menswearhouse A free tux hire if you hire 4 or more tux.

UK - Moss Bross Free suit when you hire 4 or more

Canada - Sydsilver Free tux when you hire 4 or more.

Australia - Formal Wear Express Free delivery and home visit for you to choose your suits.

When you hire a suit you will probably need some alterations, check the cost of this before you hire and the costs for the extras - shirt, tie and cufflinks - it can all add up. If you decide to use a national chain it is still best to hire from one outlet. This helps with any changes you need to make and also the suits and waistcoats will be the same material.

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