Find your free honeymoon!

You dream of finding the perfect honeymoon, whether it is the last unspoilt beach or a stay at one of the world's exclusive hotels. The bigger the dreams normally means the bigger the cost!

Until now!

This month I have found you free honeymoons! Ultimate getaways for nothing.

The most basic option is staying with friends and family, I don't mean spending your precious honeymoon time cuddling up on the sofa with friends while watching your favourite soap. That just wouldn't be romantic, instead think of your guests that are travelling from abroad or from another area of your country. Could you do a house swap with them? That way they can extend their holiday and you get a free honeymoon! My sister-in-law travelled with her family from Norway to my wedding and then was able to have a holiday staying in our house while we were away. If only I had thought to ask if we could stay at their house, we would also have had a free honeymoon!

If you have a lucky streak then put it to use by entering the win a holiday competitions, somebody has to win them and that could be you! Have a look at the prizefinder as this lists all of the up to date holiday competitions. Enter lots to increase your chances but make sure you check the date on when you can take the holiday and other small print.

Let me know if you win lots of holidays, I am always looking for an excuse to sit in the sun ;o)

A clever way to 'pay' for your free honeymoon is to save up reward points, some hotel chains have great incentives, for more information have a look at my page on cheap honeymoons for what to look for when choosing your reward scheme.

I know a number of people that have had success with home exchanges, this is where you register your own home and your request for where you would like to go. You never know you could end up in a beautiful house by the beach. Make sure you check out all of the references for your swap and look out for exchange programs that are free to register. Itamos is one. If you are thinking of going away for your wedding you could combine your wedding with your honeymoon, therefore you could tell yourself you are having a free honeymoon. Tips for your destination wedding are here! The more time you have to plan the easier it will be to find a free honeymoon, and when you are sitting back, relaxing after your great wedding it will be worth it.

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All the best

Suz x

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