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You know you have started your wedding planning when you are looking for a free wedding invitation. It seems a logical place to save money, and it can't be that hard - or can it?

If you enter free wedding invitation into any of the major search engines you will be rewarded with hundreds of sites that claim they have free wedding invitation templates and that's the catch. A paper wedding invitation can never be trully free as you have to pay for the ink and paper to print it.

The only way for a totally free wedding invitation is to have e-cards. A nice and easy to use site is american greetings there are free wedding e-cards that you can download.

E-cards are all well and good but in most cases you can't beat a physical invitation. There are lots of websites offering free wedding templates, in some cases this is so they can get your invitation printing costs. I have tried lots of these free template sites in the hope to find you the perfect one and sadly there just doesn't seem to be one. You end up with such a basic invite that my 3 year old with crayons could do better! or the instructions are too compicated and you find yourself back on their home page, grrrr!

You are better off putting the invite together yourselves, have a look at how to make your own wedding invite here. You can download lots of images free from either clipart sites or image sites or a nice photo of you both.

When you are planning your invites you can use this to set the colour scheme for the whole wedding. Colour trends this year are claret and ivory, chocolate and sea green, or classic ivory. Have a look at what the professional stationers are doing to get ideas.

Make sure you look at all the real costs of making your own invitations, compare prices on the paper and printer ink you are going to use with the cost of taking your design to a printer. Also think about the time it is going to take to make the number of invitations you are going to need.

Think about all of your friends and family, do any of them have contacts in the printing or stationery business? Ask them for help or better still could this be their wedding present to you? That would be the ultimate free wedding invitation.

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