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Making your own wedding invitations is often the cheapest way to have the invites that you really want but the costs can soon add up, you see the perfect embellishment or paper and you just have to have them!

One way of saving money on your invites is to make your own envelopes, but again if you choose expensive paper then the costs for these can soon add up.

An alternative idea is to make your envelopes with old paper, it could be maps if you are into walking and the great outdoors, it could be magazines, newspaper is a bit too flimsy for a wedding invitation envelope, old calendars, posters, and even books. Ask your friends and family if they can save them for you.

When you have decided on the size of your wedding invite you will need to find a template for the envelope, you can either find one online or trace around an envelope that you know fits. Lots of card stores will have excess envelopes so it is worth enquiring as it will cost you less for your template envelope than if you bought it at a stationery store.

Use recycled paper to create an area for you to write the address and guest's names and stick this to the envelope. Sticky labels are cheap and you could create some great fonts on your computer.

To tie in the theme of your envelope to your invite you could cut out either your initials or an object from the same paper and use this as your decoration on your invite.

The great thing about this idea is that it looks great and also is very eco-friendly, perfect!

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Good luck with your entries!

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