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How To Make Cheap Wedding Invitations

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How to make cheap wedding invitations with some glue and your printer is a fairly easy way to save yourself some money in your wedding budget.

A word of warning, making your own invitations is not always cheaper as you will still have to pay for invitations that have been messed up. Plus you might want to practice with a few different designs before you decide and again that costs money.

Cost out how much the card, decorations, printing ink and any other craft supplies that you might need will cost before you start. 

You may find that online stationers like Zazzle will be cheaper.

There are also lots of great invitation kits that you could add to and personalized. Here are some of my favorites that cost less than a dollar per invite. Don't just stick with wedding invitations either as you may find the perfect one in birthdays or prom invites!

Shop Cheap DIY Invitation Kits

Invitation Layout

Start by thinking about the wording and the font that you want to use and how much space that will take up on the invitation.

Also think about the style of invitation, do you want a postcard where everything is on the front of the card or an invitation that you open up? Basically a folded invitation will be more expensive than a postcard as you are using more card.

When you choose the card for your invitation make sure your printer can print onto it or you will need to have a paper insert into the invitation which adds to the cost.

Your biggest cost for making your own invites will be the printing.

It can be cheaper to duplicate the design for one large sheet and then have this printed and cut professionally.

An alternative is to ask nicely at work if they will let you use the copiers! You may have to get into work early!

Images For Your Invitations

For the picture on the invitation you have lots to choose from;

  • You could have old photos of you both, either as children or when you first met, with the classic line "Guess who is getting married?" underneath.
  • A photograph or drawing of where you are getting married if it is a more formal wedding, a caricature of you both if you are having a fun relaxed wedding.
  • Or you could have photos of flowers, confetti, wedding rings, wedding cake, the list is endless.

If you don't have your own photo editing software don't worry as there is the most amazing site Picmonkey where you can create your own invitations. The simple grey tree invitation was created using the site with all of the free tools available.

  1. Open up the Picmonkey site and upload a photo, it doesn't matter what the photo is as you are going to cover this photo with your own design.
  2. Use the geometric tool and add a rectangle over the top of the photo, use the color tool to change the color from a black rectangle to the color of yoru choice.
  3. Now add your wording, and you can use a number of different fonts for free.
  4. You can now add free images from picmonkey or add a photo of the two of you or another image that you would like to use.

Printing Tips

  • Make sure you print the photograph using the right photographic paper for your printer, maximise the paper by fitting as many copies as you can on one sheet.
  • Use your printer to print out the wording for the front of the card and the insert, again maximise the paper!

When you have all your bits, you need to stick them onto your card, you can buy ready folded blank cards which are great, and normally come with all the envelopes. Definately shop around as you can pay more for the blanks if they are labelled with wedding rather than just a blank card - but there will be no difference.

To stick the photo and the words onto the card I would recommend using glue dots or foam craft pads if you want a 3d effect, this way you avoid messy glue spillages!

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