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Your wedding costs are adding up and you have endless 'to do' lists, it is scarey how much you could spend if money was no object! Hopefully you are finding lots of ideas on this site on how to save money when you are planning your wedding.

I find that it helps to know the average cost of a wedding, this way you know if you have a bargain or if you need to do more negotiating! Don't forget that the average cost will be made up with very expensive weddings and also very cheap. The most important thing is that your wedding costs are affordable to you.

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How To Make Money From Your Wedding

Making money from your wedding has become the norm for everybody. I am not talking about selling exclusive rights to Hello for millions, though that would be nice, this is much more practical.

More brides are looking to sell wedding items after their wedding day, what may surprise you is that a lot will put their dress up for sale before the day. Wedding dresses can take a little while to sell and this way brides are ensuring their dress is being sold while it is still in season and therefore increasing it's resell value.

One of the best places to sell your dress is Ebay as this will have the most traffic.

One of my friends even managed to sell 14 baskets from her table centerpieces, so make sure you have someone to collect all these wedding bits at the end of the day, they can all add up.

If during your wedding planning you have found a hidden craft talent, you could look at making more favors or invites and selling them.

My Secret

Another way to make extra money for your wedding or honeymoon is to write about what interests you, this is what I do and I am more than happy to help you do the same.

Here is how I earn money

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