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How Much To Spend On Flowers?

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How much to spend on flowers is difficult when wedding flowers can cost a fortune!

The general rule is 10-30% of your budget, but you don't need to spend that kind of money.

If you were looking at having a $2000 wedding then your wedding flowers budget, following this general rule, could be $200 to $600. Then with half of your budget for your reception you would be left with nothing much for your invitations, entertainment and your wedding dress.

There are however lots of ways to save money on your wedding flowers.

How To Save Money On Your Wedding Flowers

Think about the must haves and that will probably be your bridal bouquet and flowers for your bridesmaids.

  • Don't save so much on the bridal bouquet that you don't like it, you may regret that when looking at photographs later. 
  • You could have corsages for your bridesmaids and the ladies in your wedding party, they are much easier to wear than regular flowers. Corsages are becoming more popular as brides look to spend less on their flowers. 
  • Baskets of flower petals for your flower girls can be cheaper than having a small bouquet.
  • A single stem is also much cheaper than a bouquet and a great way to save money. If you choose a single stunning flower it will still have a big wow factor.
  • The areas that you want to decorate with flowers may be the church or ceremoney venue and centerpieces for the table. My advice would be to spend the money where it will be seen the most; the top table and the entrance. If you are having flowers at a seperate venue for the ceremony you could move them to your reception venue. A good job for your groomsmen!
  • You can also use your wedding bouquets to decorate the tables, yours could be next to your wedding cake and the bridesmaids bouquets could be decorating the top table. You could have the bouquets in vases or have them straight on the tables.
  • Centerpieces don't have to be flowers, have a look at some alternative centerpiece ideas.
  • Also ask at the venue that you are using, do they provide any flower arrangements within the price. Our wedding venue provided a great floral piece that we displayed at the entrance.
  • And the most important piece of advice is work with your florist, they will know clever ways to save money on your designs and definately shop around for a florist that will work with your budget.
  • How much to spend on flowers for your wedding is really how much can you justify spending on flowers. Every bride would love flowers everywhere and the most stunning bouquet, but that costs money, big money! By doing a lot of the wedding flowers yourself you will save a fortune. Shop around for great, cheap flowers and find some willing helpers!

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