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cheap wedding tuxedo

There is a lot to be said about a groom in a tux, they look stunning… which is good as that’s what you want them to look like on your wedding day.

However, just like everything wedding related there is often a big expense to buy a tux, so we have come up with some cheap solutions instead.

  • First, check to see if you can borrow a tux from a friend or a relative. Keep in mind that although a tux is a tux, it will look out of date if you borrow a seventies tux. They are seriously in a league of their own with ruffles and a ton of velvet.
  • Next, look at renting a tux, this will save you a ton of money if you need a tux for not just your groom but all of your groomsmen too. One rental company I know will rent you the grooms’ tuxedo free of charge if you rent all of the groomsmen’s tux at the same time. Plus they may also include the vests (or waistcoats) and bowties or ties as well.

Secondhand Wedding Tuxedos

If neither of the above options are available to you then you need to try and find a cheap tuxedo to buy.

The cheapest option is more likely to be a second hand tux, check local craigslist listings, and also goodwill.

Making sure you avoid the seventies style tux otherwise you may end up looking like Ron Weasley going to his first ball at Hogwarts. Hopefully you have seen the Harry Potter films to know what I am talking about. However if you are a stylish dude then this may just be the kind of retro look you could pull off!

Cheap Wedding Tuxedos

There are also a number of places online where you can buy your wedding tuxedo at a fraction of the price of a big store. The disadvantage is that you can’t try them on, so make sure you have your measurements taken professionally.

You may find that you will need to have the trousers taken up which is a lot easier than trying to magically make them longer. Taking trousers up is a relatively simple job and one you could do yourself, however changes to the fit of the jacket will probably need a professional. This will be an extra cost to the overall price of your tuxedo so you will need to cost that in too.

Here are my favorite cheap wedding tuxedos to buy at the moment…

Also make sure you check out Amazon as they have some of the cheapest new tuxedos I have found.

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