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The whole purpose of this site is to find you lots of ideas that will help you have the most gorgeous wedding without it costing a fortune. Hopefully you have found lots of ideas that you can use while planning your own day, here are a few more!

Plus free printable checklists to help you plan your day easily.

Take a look at the trends for Weddings in 2021 in case there is something that you would like to add to your own celebrations.

Small Wedding Budgets

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Firstly make sure you have written your budget, knowing how much you have to spend is a great way to focus on what are essentials to you.

Now forget the budget and think about your ideal wedding, what would the theme be? Where would you get married? What would your dress and flowers look like? What mood do you want; relaxed, informal, traditional or unique? When you have all your ideas together now look at the budget again, don't panic or get depressed this is where you get clever and inspired for a cheap wedding idea.

Just because this is your wedding day remember you do not need to pay a premium for everything. Some retailers will charge more because it is a wedding rather than a celebration.

Cheap Wedding Receptions

Your reception will be your biggest cost, one cheap idea is to look at holding your reception during the week, most venues charge less for a Friday than on a Saturday.

Time of the year can also cost you less, if you were to book your wedding in the early part of January most venues I know would be desperate to have your wedding.

Take a look at How to plan a cheap classy wedding

Compare prices for the food at your venue, mix up set menus if you don't want what they are offering.

Look at having a buffet for your wedding breakfast and to save money for the dessert you can use your wedding cake.

Wine and Champagne is an expensive cost, most venues say to budget half a bottle of wine per person but you know your guests and order accordingly. A good sparkling wine can be a great alternative to Champagne. Also ask if the venue has a corkage charge, this means that you bring your own wine and pay a cost per bottle. It may work out cheaper.

Think about the venue, would it be possible to have a marquee in you or your parent's garden? I went to one wedding where the mother of the bride lived next door to a farm and they managed to have the marquee in the farmer's field.

If you are not sure where or how to start your planning then help is here!

If the weather is going to be guaranteed then have a look at our cheap outdoor ideas.

Cheap Wedding Plans

Having a check list for your wedding is a great way to make sure you don't forget anything and it also stops you from panicking.

Here is What to do when!

Planning your ceremony is the most important part of your wedding, but etiquette can be confusing especially when it comes to what order is the procession?! and all the other bits too.

Avoiding the professional wedding seller's upsell to more expensive items is necessary when you are have a budget, follow my tips on learning to say no and still get cheap wedding stuff!

And believe it or not but Hiring a good wedding planner can save you money!

A great way to make it look as if your have spent thousands is by keeping up to date with the latest ideas.

Advice for planning a small cheap wedding for under $2000

Cheap & Free Wedding Websites

Free Advice And Printables

If you need help with your plans, or need ideas just for you, ask a question in my very help section and I will get back to you. Have a look at some of the questions that other brides have asked and add a comment if you have any ideas for them. It all helps create a great resource for planning your wedding without it costing a fortune.

My Top 5 Cheap Wedding Ideas

You can get the idea that you could have the wedding of your dreams for hundreds of guests at less than a $1000 and there are brides out there who have managed that, with a lot of help and luck. But their wedding might not be your idea of a perfect wedding, so instead of trying for the almost impossible here are the top 5 inexpensive wedding ideas to help you save your own wedding budget.

1. Numbers matter - You can not invite hundreds of guests and still expect a cheap wedding, unless you have managed to find your venue for free and have a pot luck buffet. More guests means more money spent on invitations, a bigger venue, more food and drink, a bigger wedding cake. You get the picture - more of everything.

2. Whenever you visit a wedding supplier for the first time leave your credit card at home. This way you will not be tempted to buy anything, you won't get caught up in the wedding bubble and when you get home you can seriously think about what you want rather than what the supplier says you want.

3. Take all offers of help, friends and family love to get involved with their cheap wedding ideas and they can save you a fortune in all sorts of ways but tread with caution. If the help is coming in the form of money, that is great, but don't feel you have to have all of their suggestions for your wedding. Rather a smaller wedding and have the bits that you want, than a big expensive wedding with extra guests you don't know and wedding items you just don't want.

4. When you sit down and work out your wedding budget, be realistic, can you really save that much money before your wedding? Stick with your wedding budget and write down everything that you would like at your wedding. Allocate your budget to things that are important to you both and don't forget the must haves!

5. If you are no good at craft stuff then don't do it, don't spend hours and a ton of money on paper and embellishments to make your wedding invitations and then find that they are terrible. You will end up spending the money on the craft stuff and then again when you buy your invitations for real. It is not a saving! Play to your strengths and those of your friends!

There really aren't any bad cheap wedding ideas if they are what you want and they save you money. Just be careful not to spend money on items that are cheap, just because they are cheap. Spend your wedding budget on items that are what you want, otherwise you will end up with a whole load of wedding stuff that you won't use and that has cost you money.

Lots of brides have shared their cheap wedding ideas come and have a look and share yours too. There are prizes every month for the best idea.

Plus there are loads of ideas all over the site to save you money from your wedding dress to your wedding venue. Good luck with all of your plans and let us know how you are getting on.

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