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Cheap Wedding Event Planner 
Are They Worth It?

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When you think of hiring a wedding event planner your first thought may well be the expense and are they worth it?

The honest answer is some are and some are not. By following my tips and questions to ask, you will find the best wedding event planner for you.

Why You Should Hire A Wedding Event Planner

Planning a wedding can take a long time, the more elaborate and the more numbers the longer it will take. The average wedding will take between 100 and 200 hours to plan which is a lot of time.

Especially when you are trying to find the perfect dress and the perfect theme and trying to prevent yourself turning into the worst bridezilla ever!

Wedding planners work just on planning weddings so they have more time than you on concentrating on your wedding, plus they have done this before - you hope.

How To Find A Good Cheap Wedding Planner

Take an honest look at your wedding budget before you speak with a wedding event planner so you know what you can afford to spend. Arrange to see at least 3 planners before deciding, and if none of them are right for you keep looking.

There are questions you need to ask your wedding event planner on your initial meeting and to make it easier for you, here they are;

  • What training and experience do they have?In the US check if they are a member of Association of Bridal Consultants and in the UK have a look at UK Alliance of Wedding Planners this way you know they are serious about their business. Ask to see their portfolio of recent weddings and references and see if you can contact a previous bride for their thoughts.
  • Ask to see proof of their business licence and insurance.
  • How do they charge? Wedding event planners will charge either a flat rate based on numbers or the time that they will spend on your wedding or a percentage of the total cost of your wedding.
  • Do they take the commission from the vendors or do they pass it on to you?Very important point if you are looking to have a cheap wedding as their contacts could help you save money on your big day.
  • What is the procedure for replacement if they are unable to make it on your wedding day?
  • During your meeting use your gut feeling, are they enthusiastic about your plans, do you get on with them, are they able to work in your budget, are they strong enough to cope with the emotional pulls of your relatives?
  • After the meeting the wedding event planners should send you a proposal for your wedding, outlining all that you discusses. Read this very carefully, does it match your notes? If the price is too high ask if items can be removed.
  • Make sure both of you check and double check it before signing the contract.

The best reason to hire a wedding planner is to reduce your stress levels so that you can relax and enjoy your wedding, which is how it should be.

If you are unable to afford a full wedding planner you could hire a wedding day planner where you hand over all of your wishes for the big day so that you can enjoy all of your hard work.

Even when hiring a wedding day planner it is worth following the above questions when enquiring.

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