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Cheap Honeymoon Travel Packages

Find the cheap wedding ideas you are looking for:

Planning a wedding can be stressful and after your big day you will probably want to escape and spend time with just the two of you.

But that doesn't mean that you have to spend a fortune, instead here are lots of ideas to help you plan your honeymoon on a budget. 

cheap honeymoon

Plan Your Cheap Honeymoon

I know the thought of planning a cheap honeymoon sounds like you are going to have the worst time possible.

When what you really want to do is have a money no object type of honeymoon where everything is just perfect.

I understand that, but I want to show you that it is entirely possible to honeymoon in some of the most beautiful places in the world but not spend anywhere near as much money as is normally advertised.

  1. Start by setting your budget
  2. Write a list of everywhere you would like to go or at least write down what it is you would like on honeymoon... white sandy beaches, adventurous mountain climbing, trekking with yaks, or sipping cocktails in the sunset. This is your honeymoon so have fun with what you want.
  3. Take all of your ideas and walk in to a travel store and see if they can do exactly what you are looking for! See, it can be that simple (however most times you will need to be your own travel agent)
  4. Also, have a think about setting up a honeymoon registry, this way your guests will help pay for your honeymoon. Sandals resorts do one and all of the details are here...
  5. Some couples delay their honeymoon to a cheaper time of the year, if your destination of choice has a low season that could be the time to go.
  6. If that didn't work, we will need to find your cheap honeymoon travel package.

Cheap Honeymoon Packages

Here are some great places to look for a discounted honeymoons

Cheap Flights For Your Honeymoon

In my experience it is the flights that will be the part that you can't get a great deal on. So, it is best to have a look at some of the online sites for cheap flights.

We use...

  • Skyscanner
  • Cheap Flights

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