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10% of the total weddings are now destination weddings, your cheap destination wedding will capture the beauty of being away from it all without spending a fortune! Some destination weddings can cost as little as $740, which when you compare to the grand total of $30,000 for the average wedding, you can see where you would save your money!

The fact that you won't be in your home town will mean that in theory you will have less guests, which straight away saves you money! The further you are the smaller your wedding guest list.

The fact that you won't be in your home town will mean that in theory you will have less guests, which straight away saves you money! The further you are the smaller your wedding guest list.

Now I am not saying that you have to travel to the other side of the earth but it is worth considering the people closest to you that you want at your wedding. Some of your relatives and friends may not be able to travel for long distances.

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All of our other cheap wedding ideas still apply when it comes to a destination wedding, choosing your wedding dress etc. Make sure you shop around.

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Tripadvisor is a good resource for reviews on destinations and specific hotels.

And Sandals resorts are offering lots of deals at the moment, another one worth checking out.

Popular Inexpensive Locations

When you have decided on your destination, (the favorites at the moment are;

Las Vegas and cheap Vegas Wedding packages


US Virgin Islands,





Make sure you investigate the marriage requirements for that country. You may need to have been resident in the country for a certain time before the ceremony and you will need to have the appropriate documents with you.

How to plan your cheap Las Vegas wedding!

Cheap Vegas Weddings For Under $100

How to find a cheap island wedding

Top Tips For Planning Your Destination Wedding

  • A good way to alleviate stress on your side is to find either a local contact or wedding planner. They will know what needs to be done and also the hidden gems for your reception. These may end up adding to the cost but in the long run could save you money. Make sure you have references and recommendations.
  • All countries have wedding ceremonies so you will find a wedding industry already in place at that destination.
  • Extra ways to save money are to take your silk flowers with you, they won't wilt and then you will have exactly what you want. Although an exotic destination lends itself more to local exotic flowers.
  • Make sure your hairstyle is one that you can do by yourself or with a friend that is coming, this way you will save the cost of hairdresser and the stress of finding one!
  • Using a travel agent at home to organize your cheap destination wedding is a good idea if you want no stress, just make sure you shop around.
  • See how Cruise Weddings are often cheaper than traditional weddings.
  • Don't forget you will need to send your wedding invitations earlier so that people can book the time off work to join you.
  • If you are worried that some people will feel left out you can organize a wedding party for when you return.
  • A destination wedding helps save money on your cheap honeymoon.

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