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Here are cheap Vegas weddings for under $100, luckily you don't have to spend a fortune when you are booking your Las Vegas Wedding but make sure you read all of the small print at the various wedding chapels to ensure you don't get charged for something you don't want.

On top of all costs for all wedding packages you will need to pay for your marriage licence, details you will find in how to plan your cheap wedding in Las Vegas.

Most hotels and wedding chapels will have wedding packages, these will include things like a minister, a photographer, a limousine and some will even have Elvis! This is Vegas after all!

Here are the latest cheap Vegas wedding packages for $100 or under, if you find some more please let me know so I can add them to the list! I have only included the wedding packages that are under $100 even after the donation to the minister, which is about $60, some chapels have a minimum donation of $75!

Heavenly Bliss Chapel is a stunning location and they offer a basic wedding package for $69.99, which means that you would go slightly over the $100 when you have added in the minister's fee. Included in the package is the Wedding ceremony, traditional music, 20 Photos on digital album, blessing of your rings.

Las Vegas Wedding Chapel offers a Desk Wedding for $40.00! Here you would be married by a minister at his desk. There would be no photos, flowers, video or limousine.

Little Chapel On The Corner have a drive-through wedding package for $89 that includes the ceremony and a rose for the bride. They call it their fastest package so don't expect a big elaborate ceremony with this one!

A Little White Chapel also has a drive through package for $40. For this there is the ceremony, and anything else will cost extra.

And that is the thing with trying to find really cheap Vegas weddings, you think you have found a great deal but when you add in all of the 'extras' that you would need to get married you end up way over budget.

There are other ways to save money when you are planning your Vegas wedding, hold your wedding during the week as mid week weddings cost less than at the weekend when there are extra charges. Avoid Valentines and any other popular holiday days, and make sure you know exactly what your package includes but don't presume just because there are no flowers or photographer you can bring your own, some chapels won't let you!

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