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Cheap wedding accessories help when you realise that all those little extras that you never knew you wanted or needed, are starting to push your wedding budget through the roof.

And every bride needs them, whether they are borrowed, old, blue or new.

They make you feel special, like a princess and we all love a little bit of sparkle and magic on our wedding day.

With every accessory there are ways to save money and cheaper places to buy them so it fits in with your budget.

Ideas like 

  • Can you borrow the accessory?
  • Don't buy any of your accessories at the bridal boutique you may have bought your wedding at, you will be paying a premium.
  • Buy your shoes in the summer when there are plenty of white and sparkly summer shoes much cheaper than buying 'proper' wedding shoes.

Check out the articles below for many more money saving ideas.

Can you borrow the accessory?

It is worth asking your friends or family if they have saved their wedding accessories. Quite often a veil or a beautiful necklace will be lovingly stored away after a wedding and won't see the light of day for many years. Most people will be delighted to lend you their wedding treasures and you know that you will look after them.

Can you find the accessory in a non wedding shop?

We all know that there is a wedding mark up on most wedding items, which makes that gorgeous pair of ivory shoes you want more expensive at the bridal boutique than if you had bought them at your favorite shoe store. So, for wedding accessories that you could find in other shops; shoes, necklaces, tiaras, and hair accessories it is definately worth shopping around. And don't forget wedding flipflops...

wedding flipflops

Photo by Ewen and Donabel


If you are buying your wedding dress in one boutique and they sell extras that you love, negotiate a price for everything if you buy it on that day. You could end up with a real bargain as wedding boutiques will love to sell more items to you. If the overall price is not right walk away!


Keep an eye out for wedding pieces at thrift stores, you can not tell the difference between a vintage (old) veil and one that is made today. Well, not in a bad way! You will quite likely find they are better quality.

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