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Lucky Cheap Wedding Garter

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Looking for a cheap wedding garter is a sensible and fun option especially as one of the many traditions at your wedding will be to toss your wedding garter!

Some brides have been known to have a spare wedding garter just for the toss!

The History Of The Wedding Garter Toss

Photo by Elliot Bledsoe

The tradition began in the 14th Century when it was considered lucky to have a piece of the brides clothing. To save her modesty brides began to toss personal items like her garter. For luck hunting wedding guests this is now the norm.

The groom will remove the garter and toss it to the single men of the wedding party. This is normally done at the same time as the toss of the wedding bouquet and as the tradition has evolved the winner of the garter will dance with the winner of the bouquet. They are then assumed to be the next to be married, but not necessarily to each other!

Some couples will also pin money to the garter to encourage more male guests to take part!

Where To Find A Cheap Wedding Garter

  1. A cheap bridal garter could be by borrowing one from a relative, but you may not want to toss that.
  2. Don't just look in wedding shops as they are more likely to cost you more, unless they have a sale on then you may be able to save some money.
  3. Look in department stores and accessory shops as you may find a garter that is perfect. Have a look at online wedding accessories, auction websites like Ebay and in lingerie boutiques, a garter that doesn't have the wedding price tag will be much cheaper and probably better quality!
  4. And it is always worth asking if anyone could make one for you.

Enjoy this saucy wedding tradition! 

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