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You want your cheap wedding invitation to look classy and you can still have that and save money by shopping around or even by creating your own.

Also, don't just think paper invitations there are also lots of stunning email only invitations which would save you a fortune on paper, card, envelopes, printing and postage. It baffles me that not everyone is emailing their invites and I do understand that it isn't traditional but it just makes so much sense.

If you don't fancy emailing your wedding invitations there are lots of other ways to save money on them.

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Ebay is a good resource for invitation ideas and if you are patient you can get a bargain!

I have always wondered if anyone has had the nerve to use all of those sample invitations that you get sent when you make enquiries to wedding stationers. Maybe that is one step too far - but who ever compares wedding invites ;o) Just a thought!

Wedding invitation designers and stationers will design to a budget, it is up to you to stick to this as they are sales people. Can you live without the gold leaf or complicated fold? If you can great you have probably saved yourself a few hundred!

You can find some great wedding invitations online, one that has a huge range of stock and is very competitively priced is the Invitation Consultants, there is an extra discount with them for you, just follow the link - $5 Off any order over $100 at Order Invitations for any occasion today. Coupon Code CJ34495.

Or another favorite is Basic Invite - they have so many colors and you can find gorgeous invites for under $1.

Invitation Wording

If you are posting your cheap wedding invitations remember that postage costs have changed to include the size of the letter, you don't want a nasty surprise which could add to the budget.

Think about those invitations you can hand deliver - a saving on postage costs - it all adds up.

Top Tips For Your Cheap Wedding Invitation

You have found the wedding invitation you want, great, now walk away from it and really think about the cost. If it is not an individual design from somebody on Etsy for example then try and see if you can find the same invitation online for much less. All you will need is the make and if possible the name of the invitation or the item number.

If you have found your invitation for less then that is great but still don't order it, you can still save some more money.

  • First is reduce down on the extras that can easily be added to your invitation order. 
  • You don't need save the date cards, most people will already know the date and if they don't that is ok because you are sending them an invitation that tells them when your wedding is going to be. If you are worried that your guests will have booked a vacation if you don't tell them sooner then send your wedding invitations sooner!
  • RSVP cards are also an extra expense that you don't need to spend, make it easy for your guests and you and have a dedicated wedding email address that everyone can reply to.
  • Specific wedding invitation envelopes are also not needed as you can buy in bulk ordinary envelopes that will fit your invitation.

So, lets recap you choose a gorgeous wedding invitation and then you don't buy any of the extras like save the dates, rsvp cards or fancy envelopes, you are probably now spending a similiar amount if you had bought the cheap wedding invite and all of the extras.

You can still save money by not buying as many invitations and you can do that by not inviting as many people or by sending one invitation per family.

Easy ways to reduce your potential wedding guest list are;

  • to only invite immediate family and close friends to the reception and then invite everybody to an evening party.
  • when addressing single friends don't write "and guest" on the cheap wedding invite. You know your friends and family well enough to know if they have a partner, don't feel you have to invite their latest, remember it is your wedding.
  • only invite adults, then you won't have to pay for a meal for children or possible entertainment. Sounds harsh and for some people having children at their wedding makes the day complete so again it is personal preference.
  • only send one cheap wedding invite per household, they don't all need an individual invite and this will save you on printing costs.
  • Elope! Just kidding, although I know that at some stages in the planning process you think this is probably the way to go, and it would save a fortune. Just think about the possible consequences of this action before you jump into it!

If you feel that by not inviting people to your wedding you could lose friends, cause arguements or general chaos then it might be worth thinking about some water tight reasons before you send your cheap wedding invite.

Here are some that I know have been used; the venue is only able to hold ... people, or we are only able to have a late ceremony and didn't want you to upset your children's bedtime routine, or we know weddings can be boring for children or the honest answer of money. (Make sure you both use the same reason!)

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