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Thank You Notes
For Your Wedding Gifts

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Thank you notes for your wedding gifts can seem like a huge task but there are ways to make writing the notes a lot easier.

Top Tips To Get Organized

The first point is all about organisation, my mum spent Christmas when I was a child frantically making a list on who bought what and this is a great way to make sure you know exactly who your gifts are from.

All you need is a pen and paper and when you sit down to unwrap, do it one present at a time. This saves you loads of time later and also avoids you having to write notes of "thank you for your gift" rather than the actual present. If you have your wedding gift list registered at the many stores that offer this service they also send you a list of who bought what.

There is no need to order expensive matching wedding thank you cards, you will probably be the only one that remembers that they match by the time they arrive at your guests. Most stationers have a good range of thank you notes and paper that won't cost the earth. A good tip is to keep down the size of the card this way you won't have to write an essay for each gift.

When you have your list of gifts, set yourself a target for each night, even if it is only two they will soon be finished. Always good to prioritise who you write to first this way any important letters are soon on their way.

What To Write

When you write your thank you cards it is easier if you follow a pattern.

"Thank you for the coffee machine for our wedding gift, we are looking forward to some great cappuchinos. It was lovely to see you on the 12th and hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did. Love Mr and Mrs"

In other words thank them for the specific gift and say why you love it and also how great it was to see them at your wedding, pretty simple!

Where To Find Your Thank You Notes

Looking for cheap thank you notes is understandable, you have probably just got back from your honeymoon and there was also the expenses of your wedding. So saving some money here is sensible.

The key is not to look for wedding thank you cards, instead look at the general thank you notes that you can find in most stores, these will be much cheaper.

Very popular wedding thank you cards are the ones that have a photo from your wedding day. These are fairly cheap to put together if you use someone like Vista Print and they have 20% Off & Free Shipping at the moment!.

Another supplier is CafePress they have a lot of choice and reasonable prices.

Or you could look at creating your own designs using a simple graphics package. Personally I love postcards as not only are they fun, (you could buy a lot of postcards while on your honeymoon) but they cost less to post. It would be silly to save loads on the thank you notes and then spend a fortune on posting them.

If you want something more traditional, take a look at these;

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