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A green wedding is a great way to show you care about the world that we live in. It doesn't have to be boring nor will it break the bank, infact it may even save you money as well. A definate win win situation.

Climate Care, an organisation that offsets harmful carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) has reported that the average wedding emits 14.5 tons of CO2. Now that doesn't mean a great deal until you compare it to the CO2 emissions from an average person in a year is 12 tons. Now the 14.5 tons sounds like a lot!

Ethical Wedding Dress

As with all brides to be the first thought is probably the dress, there is quite a variety of environmentally friendly wedding dresses.

Your wedding dress could come from a number of places.

You will need to think about the material that it is made of, organic cotton or a silk hemp blend would be best and try to avoid cheap synthetic materials as these could be petroleum based.

Have a thought for the people that have made your dress and the conditions that they are working in. A new cheap wedding dress made by cheap labour is not going to be the best choice ethically.

The easiest way to find ethical wedding dresses is to buy vintage or second hand. There are a number of places to find these gems. Have a look at my cheap wedding dress section for ideas.

Or for a double wammy on a green and ethical dress take a look at oxfam.org.uk.

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Cut costs, simplify and reduce your wedding carbon footprint in an eco-friendly way.

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