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Cheap Wedding Dress Guide

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A cheap wedding dress does not mean that it has to look cheap. The only person who knows how much you paid will be you,oh yes and maybe your bank manager.

There are great ways to look good without spending a fortune, especially as wedding dresses can now be any colour or style you want.

A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes Vera Wang

Get inspiration from looking at  magazines, online pictures, designer wedding dresses, you may even know what style of dress you want. Then, take your dress ideas and pictures to a dressmaker, or clever relative/ friend and with lots of charm you should manage to get a great deal. And a great deal of grovelling too!

shopping for a cheap wedding dress

One friend, who is getting married soon managed to halve the cost of her dress by having it made when she visited Abu Dhabi. I am not saying that buying a ticket to Abu Dhabi is going to keep the costs down, but if you are lucky enough to be travelling for work or have contacts make sure you use them!

Wearing a vintage dress adds a unique touch to your day, there are great vintage dress shops to look at and this could be a way to find a great and cheap designer wedding dress.

Have you asked your mum or grandmother if they still have their wedding dress? My sister-in-law looked stunning in her mum's dress and what a lovely story in your family history, as well as a very cheap dress!

Online stores are also good places to find an affordable wedding dress,(possibly already worn) and lots of other accessories too. Tips on how to buy your dress online are worth looking at so you can avoid the potential pitfalls.

Tips on how to grab yourself a cheap designer dress are here and a great way to grab a bargain is to follow our tips on wedding shows. But show dress shopping is really only for the true bargain hunter!

Plus look out for the sales!

Nearly all wedding shops that I have seen have at some point a sale, if you have long enough before your wedding day, keep looking.This could be a chance to pick up a cheap discounted dress and even your bridesmaid dresses.

Renting your dress is a good option and obviously works out cheaper than buying, you could then spend more on accessories if your budget allows.

A brilliant way to buy a cheap informal wedding dress is don't stick to just wedding shops. I would say this as my beautiful lace wedding dress was really a summer dress bought at Dickens & Jones department store in London.

However you choose your dress make sure you are completely happy with your choice, and don't forget you will be in the dress all day so make sure you can dance in it!

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