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Where To Buy Wedding Dresses Online Without A Disaster

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When you are looking to buy wedding dresses online you need to keep your eye out for a number of potential pitfalls. As with buying anything online you haven't got the luxury of touching and trying on the dress. This means that you could run into problems where the dress doesn't fit, it's tatty, badly made and cheap material.

If I haven't put you off, buying wedding dresses online can save you a fortune but you need to be careful.

How To Avoid Wedding Dress Disaster

  • First, get measured professionally and find yourself a dressmaker as there is a big possibility that you may need the dress altered. These measurements are what you are going to buy your dress with, so don't waste your time and money by guessing!
  • Next set a budget, research online auctions like eBay and online dress shops both new and worn before. Get an idea of the amount you are going to need to spend and find the reputable dealers.
  • Spend time looking, buying a dress online is no good for someone in a hurry, you want as much time as possible to find the perfect dress and also time to alter it.
  • If you are buying a new dress and it is a bargain, it is likely to be a copy of a designer dress and will probably need to be shipped. Before you press the complete transaction button make sure you have read the small print, ask for written confirmation of the dress details; material and decorations and get photographs of the actual dress from all angles. Also. make sure you check all of the small print.

  • If you are buying a worn before dress ask for detailed photographs, ask if there are any stains - these could be difficult to get out, and find out if the dress has already been altered. Don't accept photographs from when it was worn at a wedding as this will be when it was perfect, ask for now photographs from all angles.
  • The secret when you buy wedding dresses online is to check the parcel as soon as it arrives, be really picky make sure the dress adds up to everything it was described as. If not, get on the phone and discuss with the vendor how to correct the situation. You may get accessories thrown in to compensate!
  • If the box is damaged when it arrives take a photo of it before you open it and then take a photo of every stage of opening the box. That way if there is a problem with the dress you have photos that you can send to your supplier.
  • And a really big tip is to buy your dress with your credit card as if it all goes wrong and your dress does not arrive you will be able to contact your credit card company to ensure you get your money back.

How To Identify A Bad Wedding Dress Supplier

A number of poor copy Wedding Dress suppliers use photographs from the original Designer and this is not the actual dress you will receive.

They are also very good at photo editing and change designers photographs to look like their photos.

They will also set up websites with .com or to make themselves appear more local. 

The British Bridal Suppliers Association set up the campaign Brides Beware to help brides who are buying their wedding dresses online.

They have a very active facebook group where brides list their wedding dress disasters and have also come up with a list of online stores to avoid.

Five Online Wedding Dress Stores

Look out for real Designer Secondhand Wedding dresses on Ebay

Tradesy for more secondhand wedding dresses

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