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Cheap & Green Wedding Invitation Ideas

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Showing your wedding guests that you care about the environment can start with your green wedding invitation.

The obvious choice is having your invitations on recycled paper and that would be a definite saving to the environment in comparison to the many paged and thick card style invite. The quality of the paper is not what your guests are looking at especially when you think that it will end up in the bin eventually.

To be a bit different think about different materials; printing your invite on organic cotton, writing on fair trade paper, or paper made from hemp or bamboo.

There is not just the paper to think about as the ink and toners that you use will be full of chemicals that are not great for the environment. A start would be to use toner cartridges that have been refilled rather than using originals. However the best eco friendly printing would be to hand write your invites! If you can afford it go for calligraphy, or find the person with the neatest hand writing and ask them to write them for you as their wedding gift to you.

Also think about how many invites need to be sent to one family, can you include all of them on the same invite. Discard a duplicate invite by not having seperate evening invitations.

Avoid save the dates and any RSVP cards, you can have your guests reply to your invitations online, that way you have a record of everyone in one place.

The ultimate saving is to not send invites at all, with the internet you could probably email most people with your invitation and ask them to reply by the same. Just think about the money you would save as well!

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