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Having a cheap wedding reception idea that is environmentally friendly can help save the planet and save you money. Having a green wedding is really about going back to basics and not over doing it with over priced and out of season goods.

Think simple and beautiful and you are on your way to creating a memorable and affordable wedding reception idea.

  1. Firstly you need to choose your venue, this would ideally be close so that your guests don't have to travel much. This way you are also keeping your carbon footprint for your wedding to the minimum. If you want to calculate your guests footprint then there is a great tool at climate care. This way you can compensate by planting trees or buying into other environmental projects, but I am digressing!
  2. When you are looking at choosing your venue you will want to check it's environmental policy. Does it recycle? Do they use local and organic produce?
  3. A great way to know the environmental policy for certain is to do the reception yourselves! Make your home your cheap wedding reception venues in your backyard or with a wedding tent or hire a local hall or a picnic in the park or local nature reserve.
  4. You can keep the food costs to a minimum by having a pot luck cheap wedding reception idea, provide the main parts yourselves; meat, pies, sandwiches and then ask for your guests to bring their favorite salads and desserts! This way your guests will also be doing the washing up themselves!
  5. To keep with the green theme think about the plates and cutlery, the best would be to use china and glass but you can find disposables that can be recycled.
  6. Flowers and decorations need to be in season in your country not thosands of miles away! This will keep your costs down, do you know any great amateur gardeners that could grow your flowers for the day? How great would that be to know all the love and attention that has gone into growing your wedding bouquet?
  7. A green confetti idea is to use birdseed which gives the birds a treat as well or use flower petals.

Recycling or up-cycling is the best way to add glamour to your wedding reception while still being environmentally friendly.

You can find some beautiful colored glass vases and vintage style plates at thrift stores and yard sales, or you could ask friends and family if you can borrow some. It doesn't matter if they don't all match as that will add to the look.

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