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Choosing to use a wedding invitation kit can save you money on completely making your own invitations from scratch and also time.

Firstly the kits have everything you need to complete your invitations so rather than spending lots on little bits that you may not use, you have everything together for one price.

Here are some great inexpensive wedding invitation kits that are available at the moment.

Invitation kits also help if you are not feeling too creative or if you need some pointers on what designs to use. Plus they come with the right size of co-ordinated envelope which helps! As there is nothing more annoying than not being able to find the right size of envelope after all of your hard work.

Quite often the invitation kits will have reply cards and some may have the thank you cards too, all co-ordinated to make your invitations look very professional.

When you order an invitation kit you will receive the cards and the envelopes and some testing paper. You will need to have a computer and a printer. If you have ordered online then there will often be templates that you can use to create your invitations on the site or that you can download. Each style and size of wedding invitation will need a different template. It is a good idea to check that they provide templates before you order your invitation kit. If they don't there are free templates that you can download from lots of websites, these are the free templates from Microsoft.

Don't forget that when you are costing out your invitations you will also need to add the price of the printer ink and some more testing paper, and possibly some more invitations if the printing goes a bit wrong!

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