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Inspiration for your cheap Spring wedding invitation is all around as Spring is such a great time of year with the plants and trees starting to come back to life.

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If you are in to gardening a cheap wedding invite could be attached to a small pack of seeds, flowers would probably be best otherwise a pack of vegetable seeds might make your wedding guests think they are growing the food for your wedding breakfast!

For cheap wedding invitations that you are hand delivering think about attaching your invite to a Spring plant in a pot. This way your invitation could be just a simple one page card with the extravagance being the plant, one that would be flowering around your wedding day would be great!

If your wedding is over Easter, this could be part of the theme for your wedding. A cheap unique wedding invitation could be to use Easter cards but choose your design carefully so as not to offend your guests that are religious.

Easter also means Easter eggs and chocolate, maybe look at attaching your invitation to a chocolate bunny.

A cheap Spring wedding invitation is also one that uses the colors of Spring; yellows, light greens, white, and all the colors of the beautiful Spring flowers - tulips, pansies, and snowdrops are a few classics but there may be others that are more popular where you live. You can use the colors very simply in a font and maybe have your initials on the front.

If you are not feeling very creative, don't worry as there are always lots of wedding invitations that you can buy that don't have to cost a fortune. Here are some that we have found for you.

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