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When to send wedding invitations is important to all of your wedding plans, without your guests the party could be a bit quiet!

My 8 Top Tips To Be Organized

  • The ideal time to send out your invites is 8 weeks before the wedding date and at the latest 6 weeks before. This will give you enough time to collate all of the replies and inform the venue or caterer.
  • When you send your invitations ask for them to be RSVP by 3 weeks to 2 weeks before. Talk with your caterer/ venue to find out when they need the final numbers by.
  • To be able to send your invites out in time it is a good idea to have chosen, ordered or made them at least 4 months before the wedding. Do not under estimate how long it will take you to write all of the invites.
  • You should also set up a system on how you are going to collect all of the replies. A filing box by where you keep the post is an easy way to keep all of the replies together and a new file on your inbox for those emailing their replies.
  • Set up a spreadsheet with all the names on the left that you have sent invites to and have columns for menu choices, dietary requirements, children etc. This makes it loads easier when you have to let the caterer know what is going on!
  • Rather than having a manual system you could have your own wedding website where you have all of your guests put in their own information. That way if they don't get the main course they were wanting they only have themselves to blame! Plus you won't need to worry about losing any of the replies.
  • More and more couples are sending out their wedding invitations via email, which means that you can save yourselves lots of money and have every report possible at the click of your mouse. Just remember to back everything up!

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