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Choosing the right size wedding invitation envelopes is pretty important otherwise you could end up buying them twice.

Before you start designing or choosing your invitations it is worth remembering that the size of your envelopes will make a big difference to how much the postage costs will be. The weight of the invitations and envelopes could also have an effect.

Envelope Sizes

Here are the Internationally recognized sizes with the dimensions.

C4 measures 12.8" x 9" or 324mm x 229mm, this would fit an unfolded A4 piece of paper.C5 measures 6.5" x 9" or 162mm x 229mm, this would fit an A4 folded in half or an unfolded A5.C6 measures 4.5" x 6.5" or 114mm x 162mm, this would fit an A4 folded into quarters or an A5 folded in half.

And then you have square envelopes which come in lots of different sizes, plus you can also get custom made envelopes, however these would end up costing you a lot more, stick with the standard sizes and you can't go wrong!

The most popular sizes for wedding invitation envelopes are C5 and C6, which is good as they both will fit into most countries small letter postage requirements, silly things like extra postage can bump up your wedding budget so make sure you make your invitations to fit the smaller envelopes if you can.Reduce your wedding stationery costs by shopping around, try and get a better discount if you buy all of your stationery from one store. Also get to know local card stores, envelopes leftover from Valentines Cards, Mothers Day, Easter could all be available to you at a very reduced cost.

Make Your Own Envelopes

Another way to save money on your invitation envelopes is to make your own, which is not as hard as it sounds.You will need paper, and this could be old maps, wallpaper, magazines, calendars, anything really! Plus some good sharp scissors and glue, if you are using decorated paper then you will also need to have labels for the envelopes.

Have a look at the following video which will show you how to turn envelopes into the right size and also how to make your own from scratch.

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