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Post wedding reception wording for an invitation for when you are inviting your friends and family after your wedding day.

It may be that you are getting married abroad, or you are planning on having a small wedding with a bigger party later, or just because you want to!

A growing number of couples are opting for very private wedding ceremonies and many adventurous couples are also opting for destination weddings. More often than not even close family and friends do not have the luxury to attend such weddings, so in the end the newlyweds are prompted to hold a separate reception. In a case like this, a fitting post wedding reception wording for an invitation is needed.

Some couples prefer private wedding ceremonies wherein only the bride, groom, officiating ministers and few close family and friends are present. There are also cases where the bride's parents prefer to hold a separate reception for their relatives since most were not invited to the actual wedding day reception.

Another reason for a post wedding reception is if the wedding day was suddenly moved to another date due to some unforeseen reason. A couple who decided to elope could well be in the mood for a post wedding reception.

There are various events that could lead to a post wedding reception. Whatever the reasons are, the important thing is for the bride and groom and their invited guests to have a grand time at the reception.


Sending out invitations for a post wedding reception is a must-do.

The post wedding reception wording for an Invitation should follow the basic etiquette of traditional wedding invitation.

The following information should be included:

  • what the event is
  • the address of the reception venue
  • the date and time of the reception
  • who is hosting the post wedding reception
  • dress code or any other information pertaining to the occasion
  • RSVP contact details

Sample Post Wedding Reception Wording for the Invitation

We've Eloped!

If you want to know more

you must attend AN

EVENT in our honor

on DAY








As they got their feet wet and played merrily in the sand

they suddenly thought hey! why not join hands and be wed!

(Groom) and (Bride) were wed (date) on (location).

To celebrate their union

Come (date) at noon

Join us at a fun barbeque party at

(Host's Home), (Location)

He slipped the ring on her finger

a promise made for life at St. Paul's Cathedral

They've said their I do's on (date)

Join us as we share their joy

now that they're man and wife!

A party to honor the newly married


will be held on DAY




The invitation can be formal or informal. The important thing is that the reason for the post wedding reception be expressed in the post wedding reception invitation. If the invitation is formal, make sure the wordings are formal. If the wordings are informal the invitation should be casual too.

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