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With all this weird weather we are having at the moment whether it is a ridiculous amount of rain or it's just too hot, umbrellas are going to become more and more of an accessory at most weddings, whatever the time of year!

Of course rain is meant to be lucky on your wedding day!

True that was kindly said to me by my aunt at my wedding day when we were looking out watching the rain come down but thankfully Hindus also believe that rain on your wedding day is lucky and will result in a strong marriage. So if rain is lucky, bring on the rain! And lets find a way to keep you dry.

On the practical side if the weather is rubbish you will need an umbrella from your house to your car, from the car to your ceremony, outside in the photos, and then from the ceremony site to your reception. Your guests will probably appreciate an umbrella too, especially if you have chosen to have your ceremony outdoors.

In most circumstances a pretty umbrella that you already have will be perfect but if you want to really make the most of your wedding and have your guests enjoying the rain you may want to invest in a few matching umbrellas. Plus you don't just want any old umbrella in your photos otherwise you will try and not have them at all, and then you or your wedding party will end up getting wet or you will have the photos indoors.

I know of a number of brides that will love the idea that there are matching umbrellas for everyone, you could hand them out to couples as they arrive, or have them handy just in case. This could then be the responsibility for your groomsmen.

It will look amazing in the photos with everyone holding a matching umbrella in your wedding colors and you will have created your very own colorful backdrop. You will almost be willing the rain to come!

If it is sunny you could have parasols for the ladies, which could then be your wedding favor to them too.

Buying this many umbrellas or parasols can be expensive but if you take your budget for your wedding favors and look to buy one umbrella per family if you can then it should work out almost the same.

You will want to buy your umbrellas or parasols either wholesale or as a job lot, here are some great places:

Unbeatable Sale - here you can buy a variety of wet weather umbrellas in groups of 12 in loads of different colors. Lots of great bargains.

www.ckbproducts.com - loads of umbrellas and the cheapest prices.

Koyal Wholesale - has a large number of paper parasols at wholesale prices. The more you buy the greater the discount is per item.

Luna Bazaar - Stunning amount of paper parasols, the colors and prices are similar to those at Koyal wholesale but they have the most beautiful designs and patterns too.

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