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How To Avoid Spending Too Much

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Your budget is set for finding cheap wedding stuff and you have great intentions at the start of your wedding planning, but the more you shop the more likely you will find another something that you just have to have!

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How Do You Avoid Spending Lots On Your Wedding?

You need to stay focused on your wedding budget as agreeing to another small detail on a favor box or a more elaborate menu can be just what takes your budget over.

Every wedding supplier that you meet will be a great salesperson, it is their job to get an extra sale from you so it is best to know when they have moved into upsell mode.

  • Firstly they will need you to confirm that you are going to use their services. If the budget is important to you they will know this and talk all about the cheap wedding stuff; the set menus, the drinks packages, the discounted wedding dress. You get the picture? You feel comfortable with them and feel that they have your best interests at heart, which they may do but they earn their income or bonus from the sales to you.
  • So you have confirmed the sale and here is where you need to be careful, you are in a receptive frame of mind. They may start to describe the more expensive menus, the perfect full price veil or shoes and if you want to stick to your wedding budget you now need to say no!

Saying no without embarrassment and some small white lies is great.

  • "Can I show you the veil to match the dress?" could be answered with of course but I am looking to wear my mother's veil as it is a family tradition.
  • "What Champagne would you like for your wedding toast?" (Note the presumed sale close) you could answer with "We were looking at your sparkling wine list" or " we were interested in finding out your corkage charge as we know of a perfect Champagne that we would like to use as a toast."

If all of the questions seem a bit intense then ask if you can take the information away to think about it.

Time has a great way of adding a touch of realism to your focus on cheap wedding stuff.

Just remember to stay focused and you can still have your perfect wedding day without spending a fortune. 

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