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Buying cheap wedding flowers online sounds like a great deal but it is one of those things that you need to tread with caution. You don't want to find that on the day your flowers are due to arrive, they don't or just as bad the flowers are damaged or droopy.

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As with all purchases online you will want to make sure that the site you are ordering from is legitimate and that the flowers that they supply are fabulous. Just because you want inexpensive wedding flowers it does not mean that you want them to look cheap. There are number of ways to check the worth of an online shopping site and that is the contact details - Do they have an address and a landline telephone number? Are they a member of a recognized industry association eg Society of American Florists? All ok then great, you will also want to see if there are any reviews for the online site, just type in the name of the cheap wedding flowers online store with the word review into your search engine and see what comes up. All of these are not guarantees but it gives you more protection.

An online florist that I have found that has lots of choice and lots of discount wedding flowers is Fifty Flowers  plus they have really neat free wedding flower planning tools to help you work out what wedding flowers you want and need! Well worth a visit to check out all the different flowers.

Of course, after all of this checking and if you can afford it then it is worth putting a trial order together and seeing what turns up! Some online florists will be happy to send you samples rather than having to put a big order together so give them a call and see what they are able to do. Use a credit card to pay for the items as this will also protect you against fraud.

A number of cheap wedding flowers online stores have discounts on delivery or if you buy a large number of flowers, and a great service on some of these online stores is that they show you when the flowers are in season, which can also save you money.

As well as buying fresh flowers online it is worth thinking about silk flowers, they look amazing and although you may be spending the same sort of money as you would on fresh you can resell them.


Which brings us nicely to the idea that you could be a clever bride and buy someone else's silk wedding flowers, you could have a look at Ebay to try and find silk flowers that brides are selling from their own weddings. Also have a look at craigslist and your local free ads.

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