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Cheap Wedding Insurance

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Cheap Wedding Insurance, is it worth it?

I am not a financial advisor but having married a financial advisor and being the daughter of an accountant I live in the world of caution!

Unexpected events can happen, you only have to look at youtube.com or you have been framed!

Where Can You Find Cheap Wedding Insurance?

  1. If you are having a small wedding then have a look at your household insurance as some policies do cover weddings. Contact your insurer to discuss details to make sure you comply with the small print!
  2. When you pay for anything to do with your wedding, deposits, goods and suppliers pay with your credit card as your credit card provider will also be liable for some of the money if things go wrong.
  3. If your wedding is more elaborate or if you just want the peace of mind you will probably be surprised at how cheap wedding insurance can be.
  4. Make sure you shop around and get not just the best price but also the best cover for you. If you are getting married abroad or catering for everyone in your own garden there will be different weddings insurance for you.

You can compare prices fairly easily using an insurance comparison site, some wedding insurance can be as little as $30, which is not a bad price to pay for peace of mind.

What Can Wedding Insurance Cover?

  • Take out your insurance early and it could cover your deposits.
  • Most weddings insurance will cover unexpected events.
  • Cancellation - if due to a number of reasons you have to cancel a part of your wedding or the whole thing then you would be covered. Or if one of your suppliers has to cancel you.
  • Wedding dress damage and main wedding party attire.
  • Photography and video expenses if your professional pictures don't come out you will want compensation. I once had to arrange a mock up for a wedding couple who wanted their pictures taken again!
  • Rings, cakes, flowers, cars, legal expenses, public liability, the list is endless it depends on what you want on your weddings insurance. The more you add the more the insurance will cost, worth remembering when you are adding the doves, fireworks and helicopter rides ;o)

As with all insurance policies you will have a 14 day cooling off period to change your mind.

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