How To Find A Free Wedding Photographer!

Hope your wedding planning is going well and you are not getting too stressed with all of the details!

This month I wanted to find out if you could truly find a free wedding photographer, with a bit of digging you can find cheap wedding photographers but free?

Type in free wedding photographers into any search engine and you will have thousands of results, most will be just a cheap way to get you to their site but some will be genuine.

A wedding photographer when they first start out will need to build a portfolio, this is how they sell their services to future brides and grooms. What you need to do is find an exciting newbie that is doing just that.

First check out your local art colleges and find out if there is a way of contacting any recent photography graduates or soon to be graduates. As they are looking to build their portfolio you will need to ask to see recent work so that you can assess if their style is right for you. Or you could ask them to take your engagement photographs for you to get an understanding of their style. They will be new to the wedding industry so you may need to be more organized and have a full list of photographs that you want taking on the day. It is important to discuss all aspects with your photographer before the wedding day.

Other photographers who are looking to increase their portfolio will post a note on or These sites are divided into states and towns so you should be able to find someone close to home. Make sure you see examples of their work and that you meet them in person before the day.

Some new photographers hide in the many wedding forums and every so often you will find photographers advertising their services for free. Again make sure you check out their work before you decide.

As with everything that is free make sure you read the small print, it could be that the first hour is free, or that you don't get a copy of all the photographs. You must be happy with all the details before you book.

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