Where are the Free Wedding Websites?

Hope you are all well and having fun with your wedding planning and with Christmas nearly here I can imagine it is getting a bit busy!

One way to help with your wedding planning is to look at having a wedding website, all your information in one place and there have been lots of you asking how to find yourself a free wedding website.

So this month I have been having a look and a play to see where you can find the best and totally free sites.

A wedding website is a great way to keep in touch with your guests and wedding party. You can even use it as a way to invite your guests, email them a link to your site and ask them to let you know if they will be there. A huge saving on your wedding invite budget.

If you have a theme to your wedding, your site will be able to set the tone and you could even use the message board to have a group discussion on dresses!

You can even post your wedding list to the site, and links to travel arrangements. The list is endless.

Trying to find a totally free site is however a bit tricky, there are lots of providers offering specific wedding websites with free trials. These normally only last a few months, which is fine if your wedding is soon but if you are planning in advance you will need to pay up.

If you can do without all of the fancy artwork that comes with the wedding sites then it is worth taking a look at more general options.

Set yourself up a group on facebook, or google groups or yahoo groups. Invite all of your friends and family you want to invite to your wedding and you are away. You can still post all of the information you wanted, plus links to sites and loads of photographs of you both. Have competitions on the cutest photograph, the oldest photograph, getting your family and friends involved in your wedding will lead to a real sense of belonging when the big day is here. Just think friends and family that have never met will be able to break the ice before the big day. A bit of match making among single friends all adds to the romance!

Let me know when you have added your site, I love hearing about your weddings!

Have a look at my ideas and planning tips for inspiration on how to save yourself a fortune.

Good luck with your plans!

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