How To Find Free Wedding Invitation Sample

Hope your wedding planning is going well and you are not getting too stressed with all of the details!

This month I wanted to find you some properly free wedding invitation samples.

Free wedding invitation samples are a great way to be able to have a really good look at the range of designs and the quality of the invitation.

Unfortunately over the last few years more and more stationery companies are charging for their ‘free samples’, you can understand why as this can end up being a big cost for them and no sale. Instead they have started to charge you for the samples and when you place your order the cost of the samples gets taken off your final bill.

There are still companies that are offering completely free samples, a number are showcased on the website, but again they are limited to the number that they will send out. A good way to get round this is to register for free samples for yourself, your bridesmaids and anyone else that has a separate address! There is no point going mad and ordering loads, just order the ones that you really love and just can’t decide between.

Most of the wedding stationery companies have websites with great graphics it is a good idea to print off samples of the invitations that you and your fiancé love. Leave them lying around for a few days to see which one you like the most, but don’t get into an argument if you can’t agree – it is only an invitation and not the end of the world.

If you have planned on visiting a wedding fair during your planning then make your way over to the stationery companies, they will have lots of samples available for you to have a look at and take away.

One bride that emailed me this week mentioned she had used free wedding invitation samples as her actual invitations, no one knew that they had received a different invite from everyone else, wonder where she picked up that idea? :o)

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