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Cheap seed packet wedding favors are a great way to share your love and wedding day with your guests, a beautiful symbol of your marriage.

" True love means two seeds grow seperately until they join in matrimony forever" Anon

Saying that, it is only a great symbol if your guests remember to plant and water the seeds. There are a couple of easy ways to help this process.

The first is to find an organisation that plants trees and flowers and then you can pay for them to plant them in your guests' names. All you need to do is place cards on each table telling them what you have done in their name.

Another more hands on approach is to buy plantable paper , this is when the seeds are in the paper and all your guests have to do is plant the paper and then water. They are a little bit more expensive - even more if you have a cute shape - hearts etc - but they do work.

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The cheapest option of all is to buy loose flower seed in bulk and then package them yourself. Small paper envelopes are an easy way to present them and they won't spill out. You can get very small envelopes from any stationer. It would be a good idea to put planting instructions and what they are - just copy this from the main seed bag and then you can decorate the envelopes.

Decorate with stickers or a wedding stamp or print labels using your computer. The envelopes could double as place name cards as well.

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A sweet idea is to add a love quote

"Love is the seed of all hope, it is the enticement to trust, to risk, to try, to go on" Gloria Gaither

or a photograph of you both.

You might also want to think about creating origami seed envelopes which you could have in your wedding colors. Here is a nice easy way to make them.

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The total cost of these cheap seed packet wedding favors is minimal if you buy in bulk, it will just take time to decorate and fill the envelopes. The easiest option is to buy them already packaged as wedding favors but for this you will pay, although I have found a reasonably priced website.

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