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A cheap titanium wedding band is a great choice because of its durability, it has hypoallergenic qualities and it is affordable, as well as being attractive.

If I had known about this metal when we were choosing our wedding rings I would have jumped at the chance. Funnily enough 10 years later I got that chance, when my beloved hubbie lost his wedding ring, so we chose a fab looking Titanium one to replace it.

Titanium is fairly new as a metal in jewelry and therefore it is not that easy to find in high street shops, where you will find it is online.

There are a number of websites offering great deals and designs and you will see that there is a big choice on designs and even the color of metal.

You can have gold, silver and platinum included in the design, polished metal or a brushed finish and there is a great gunmetal grey that looks fantastic.

The designs are a full range from traditional to contemporary - these seem to be inspired from the links that the metal has with the space industry. And I love the fact that they are so manly! These are proper men's wedding rings, which to be honest are normally pretty boring but not these.

Image by Bence Fördős

Although titanium is sold as dent resistant it is possible to scratch it with the continuous contact with very abrasive materials ie rocks. So if your partner works in the construction industry it is not impossible that the band may get a few scratches. What you do need to remember is that it is stronger than any other alternative so it is still the best choice and a good jeweller can remove the scratches.

The other benefits are that it is hypoallergenic - no nasty dark marks on your skin which you can get with cheap metals and it is corrosion resistant.

The designs that you can find are very striking but you can also find traditionally inspired designs too.

With all these plus points it definately gets my vote!

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