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Inspiration for cheap wedding cake toppers can again come from anywhere! No longer is it necessary to have a miniature bride and groom on the top.

Remember to think about how heavy the cake topper is going to be, as it will be sitting on top of your cake - if you don't want it to sink or topple try to keep it light.

Don't be pushed into buying the cake topper from the baker that is making your cake, as this could be more expensive. Shop around for similiar toppers if that is what you want - you should be able to save yourself some money.

If you or your groom have a hobby that could lend itself to the top of the cake, then it is worth thinking around that theme as this is very personal to you. If you were into motorbikes or vintage cars then model shops would be a good place to look.

Ornaments for the top of the cake are great as they are the right size and you could have some fun figurines or more traditional - whichever is more you or your theme.

Are you young at heart? Then think about toys. Lego people are a popular choice. I have heard that Barbie and Ken have been used as cake toppers - I haven't seen this and can't imagine the size the cake would have to be for that to work! Plus buying two toys for your topper will be about a quarter of the price of buying an officialwedding cake topper.

Lego Bride & Groom

A very sweet Bride and Groom and nearly everyone knows the iconic Lego figures. This is a really fun cake topper and due to their size you could have additional Lego pieces on the cake. Some ideas might be in a Lego car, train or plane if you love your travelling!

More Lego pieces that would be perfect at Amazon

Playmobil Bride And Groom

A Playmobil cake topper is great if you have a bigger cake or you want a bigger topper than the Lego one, as the figures are almost double the size of a lego person. They are still lots of fun too!

My children fell in love with Playmobil when we visited Playmobil land in Malta. It is probably one of the smallest themed parks I have ever been to, but it makes up for that in charm, fun and a great cappuccino! The reason I am telling you this is that we were able to see the vast variety of figurines that were available. You could have all sorts of characters as your toppers instead of the bride and groom.

Lots more Playmobil that you could use as a cake topper on Amazon

If you would like a floral cake topper then we have great ideas in our wedding flowers section. Again remember the weight, and also be careful as some flowers should not be put on food!

Whatever you choose have a consideration for the photographs - as the cutting of the cake is an important picture moment on your wedding day.

One big thing I have noticed when it comes to toppers is that as soon as you pop the word wedding onto the fronnt of your search then the price goes up four times. A classic example I found recently was a princess and the frog wedding topper for $40 which was sweet. But you can get a Disney one for under $10 if you choose to buy a birthday cake topper instead of one destined for a wedding cake.

Below are some examples of birthday cake toppers that would be unique for your wedding cake and that would work if you are into that particular hobby.

Love the idea of having a martial arts couple on the top of a wedding cake or the two dogs are very cute too, and there is the much cheaper Princess and the frog!

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