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My Top 10 Cheap Wedding Tips 

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This is for all you brides who are on a really tight budget and think you will never get married because I wanted to let you know you can.

These are my top 10 dos and don’ts on planning a wedding with very little money.

Cheap Wedding Dos

1.       You do need to be in love

2.       And want to get married

3.       You do need to set a wedding budget on what you can afford

4.       You need to stick to that budget

5.       Do have the most important thing to you both at your wedding – great friends, family, food, music, drinks, dogs or photographer. Or anything else that is important.

6.       Make sure you book where you are having your ceremony.

7.       Make sure you invite those you want there.

8.       Shop around for all the best deals

9.       Make sure all your payments are protected.

10.   Read the small print on all bookings.

Cheap Wedding Don'ts

1.       A cheap wedding doesn’t have to look cheap

2.       DIY Weddings don’t always save you money

3.       You don’t have to have a make-up artist

4.       You don’t have to have flowers

5.       You don’t have to get married in a wedding dress

6.       You don’t need to serve a three course meal

7.       You don’t have to have a wedding photographer

8.       You don’t have to invite everyone

9.       You don’t have to have Bridesmaids/Pageboys/Ushers or even a Bestman

10.   You don’t have to have a Wedding Cake


At the end of the day it is about the two of you getting married, not about a big fancy wedding. If in years to come you do have the money then you could have a vow renewal and then have the wedding of your dreams.

Choose what is important to you now for your wedding and plan your day around that, as they will be the bits you will remember however much you spend at your wedding.

And do ask for help if you need it, just drop me a line on my contacts page and I will do my best to help.

Good luck with your plans


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