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Cheap Wedding Dresses For 2014

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2014 is going to be another year of gorgeous wedding dresses, we are talking classic silhouettes, lace and colors.

The big dresses aren't showing up as much in the catwalks from the designers, instead they are much more figure hugging, but the more romantic bigger dresses are still there to make you look like a princess.

Colors are continuing to play a big part; black, blush, pale blue and gold have featured in the shows.

Plus there have been every dress length possible, including very short to very long with a train.

As always the style of the dress will be completely what you want it to be. Find your dream dress whether it is classic or something more show stopping.

Make sure you are trully happy with the dress before you buy it, otherwise you could end up buying two dresses because the first although cheap wasn't exactly the one.

Knowing what the latest wedding dress trends for 2014 are is fun, you don't have to follow these trends afterall we are all different shapes and sizes so what suits one of us may not look great on someone else. Plus if you have a wedding dress that is so fashionable, it dates.

One of my friend's mums wore an amazing hat for her wedding in the sixties, at the time it was very fashionable, when we used to look at the photo in the eighties we thought she was wearing a wicker trash can on her head, it was hysterical!

Choose your wedding attire wisely!

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Cheap wedding dresses for 2014 can still be gorgeous, here are some catwalk inspired dresses for a fraction of the cost;

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