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When it comes to choosing cheap wedding rings, you can't get much cheaper than Tungsten, and even though it is cheap - they never bend, tarnish or scratch.

Palladium rings are being sold as cheaper than Platinum and better than White Gold. They are strong and don't tarnish either.

Cheap Tungsten Wedding Bands

When it comes to Tungsten rings there are so many designs to choose from. You could have yours looking just like white gold or more modern and edgy in design.

Amazon also has lots of designs at really cheap prices!

What Is Palladium?

What is Palladium? Palladium for wedding rings is a white metal, whiter than white gold and the same strength as Platinum.

Palladium rings were a popular choice during WW2 as platinum was declared a government resource but they were expensive and carried on being expensive up until 2001 due to an issue with casting the metal. Now that issue is resolved the price has come down. ref: Wikipedia 

The price of gold and platinum have at the same time increased as investors look to traditional places to invest their money.

Palladium verses White Gold, the plus factor here is that although it may be slightly more expensive you won't have the problem of it tarnishing. White gold over time will end up with a yellow glow as white gold is not a natural metal and is a mixture of metals including yellow gold. Plus it is hypo-allergenic which white gold isn't.

Palladium verses Platinum, the plus factor here is the price, you are normally looking at saving a third on the price and it matches the strength. The white metal won't fade, just like platinum, so you are ending up with a product that will hold its own and last for years.

In the UK Palladium has ony recently had to be hallmarked with the design below.

Make sure you look for the hallmark if you are buying a ring that is stated as Palladium, although the hallmark only came in January 2010. Older rings won't have this hallmark.

Palladium rings offer great value for your wedding rings and are definately worth looking at if you are looking for a ring that won't tarnish and that is hard wearing.

Here are some beautiful Palladium rings that are available at the moment, they are not the cheapest of rings but they are hard wearing and most of the expensive ones have diamonds so they are bound to be a bit more expensive!

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