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Cheap wedding tulle has lots of uses, from wedding decorations to bridal veils and an added bonus is that you don't have to hem the fabric - a great time saver!

When you are looking for cheap tulle for your wedding the first thing you have to do is lose the wedding title, tulle is tulle and you do not need any special wedding tulle. This in itself will save you a fortune!

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Where To Buy Cheap Wedding Tulle

There are some great online craft stores that are selling tulle and you can get a good price if you buy in bulk.

If it is just a small amount that you need then you would be better off buying from a local craft store or material shop.

How To Make Your Wedding Veil With Tulle

If you are looking to make your own wedding veil then you will need to decide the length that you will need, do you want the veil to end at your shoulders, waist or longer?

When you have the length of tulle that you need, fold it in half and cut the edges into a curve. Next sew through the middle and gather and all you need to do is either hot glue the tulle to a headband or sew it. For a simpler veil you can attach the tulle to a pretty hair comb.

This video has step by step instructions for you to follow to make your own wedding veil.

Use Cheap Wedding Tulle For Your Favors

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You can also use tulle for your wedding favors - great if you have any left over from making your own veil!

To make a classic wedding favor you will need to cut your tulle into circles big enough to hold your favor.

Place your goodies in the middle and then secure together using some ribbon.

This is one that I made using some leftover tulle.

Tulle Wedding Decorations

Another big use of tulle at your wedding is decorating the wedding reception. It is great to cover up pillars and walls that are not looking as nice as you would like. It gives a romantic look to the room and you can add fairy lights for an extra sparkle!

You can also use colored tulle as table runners or as chair ties. This will give your room an instant splash of your wedding color without a big expense.

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