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Here is a great idea to entertain your guests with a cheap wedding video made up of all your special memories.

Creating The Perfect Montage For Your Wedding

The first step is creating a theme, what type of message would you like to convey? Most couples like to use pictures of the bride growing up and then the groom growing up. Then they have pictures of the couple together. If pictures or video was taken of the engagement, this is a nice thing to add into the video to tell your story. That is the standard video you have probably seen at a wedding. But here are a few more idea’s you might like: 

1) If you are creating a blended family you could include pictures of your children and any other family members that are blending in with the new family. 

2) You could do a “Harry met Sally” type of video and interview friends and family with how they met and then go into featuring your own love story. 

3) The bride and groom could surprise each other with their Top 10 reasons why they fell in love with the person. Each reason should have one or two pictures to go with it. Each could prepare this on their own and then they can see the results combining these together at the wedding. 

4) Family members could create a video with pictures and titles and/or video that includes advice to the couple on how to have a happy marriage. 

5) You may want to hire a professional photographer to take some engagement pictures. Then you take these pictures with quotes on love or marriage and create a slide show. 

6) You could write a poem about your relationship. Read the poem on a videotape and then we can use that audio as the narration with pictures to tell your love story. 

7) You could tell a story with pictures and titles of what lead up to the couple meeting and falling in love. 

In coming up with a theme, the main thing is to keep in mind that you’re creating a video to share your love story with your friends and family. 

When would you show this video? Most people like to show this at the reception. It is usually played right after dinner, before the first dance. But this is not a hard a fast rule. Here are some other ideas of what you can do with these videos. You could have a small TV play it in a corner where there is seating, and just have it keep repeating through out the evening for guest who would like to watch it. You could show it with close friends and family at the rehearsal dinner. If your family is planning an engagement party, you could create a video to be shown here. We have even created them for bridal showers. Here is something else you could do. You could make a number of copies and hand them out as party favors at the wedding. 

You could also use these videos after the wedding. You could add a few wedding photos to your video and we can create them as a web link you can send out in your email. Send them out to all the friends and family who were not able to attend the wedding. It can give them the feeling of being there. At the wedding collect everyone’s email address with your guest book and after the wedding use the email web link as a thank you card for your gifts. Send an email with a short note and the video attached. This saves on printing and postage, and it is far faster that filling out thank you cards. Plus is saves the trees! You can even use the video email as an engagement announcement before the wedding. You could use one or a combination of these ideas to create a special video montage.

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