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Who said a wedding dress has to be white? Colored wedding dresses are slowly but surely catching on, that many brides-to-be are in a rush to pick the right color wedding gown for them.

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White Color Wedding Dress

It was not until Queen Victoria of England decided to wear a white wedding dress (1840) that other brides followed suit. Fashion statements back in the days were made by the rich and royal. Before Queen Victoria's white motif wedding, brides from wealthy and noble families wore the richest color wedding dress.

It was customary then for brides to wear the boldest color possible of rich velvet and silk. Fur was sometimes over-used as layers upon layers were integrated into the wedding dress. The more layers a colored wedding dress had, the more prominent and richer the bride was.


Prior to the Victorian Era, black was actually a popular color for a wedding dress especially in Scandinavia. White was considered a mourning color and was definitely not appropriate for a wedding, that is until Queen Victoria. Her Majesty decided to wear white so she could use some very special white lace she owned. From then on, white became the traditional color for a wedding dress. It was conceptualized that white symbolizes purity and virginity.

Top Tips To Save Money

The great thing about choosing to have a color wedding dress is that you can choose to wear a gorgeous evening dress or bridesmaid dress.

As soon as you put the word wedding on anything the price goes up!

Also have a look at prom dresses after the prom season and party dresses after the holiday period to pick up a bargain.

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Red Color Wedding Dresses

A red wedding dress is very popular for some Eastern cultures. The Chinese prefer to wear red wedding dress in their traditional Chinese costume or cheongsam. The Vietnamese also preferred red for their Ao dai. Japanese wear white and colored kimonos for their wedding. Filipina brides are partial to ecru, cream and ivory while Indians will wear a colored sarong.

Walking down the aisle in bold and beautiful colors is becoming more popular all over the world and you can choose whatever color wedding dress you like, a hint of color might bode well to accommodate non-conformists and traditionalists. The addition of subtle hints of color on a wedding dress is actually very acceptable.


You can choose to incorporate color on your wedding dress by using bows, sashes and ribbons. She could choose to use colored beadings and embroider or even applique. A bride could add color at the hem or neckline. She could add colored beads and pearls at the neckline and hemline. You could also choose to use colored lining on a sheer wedding gown.

These small details will definitely add color to a wedding dress or you may prefer to wear a solid color for your wedding.

Colored Wedding Dress: Dare to be Different

You can opt to have a colored skirt or bodice only, or veil or train. You can opt to have one solid color wedding gown and complement it with colored shoes too.

Choosing the appropriate color for a wedding dress is not that easy. Come to think of it, what color will the entourage wear if the bride herself is wearing a colored wedding dress?

I have seen a number of weddings where the bride has worn a very dramatic wedding dress and then the bridesmaids have worn white. It works really well and you can always tie the colors together by wearing a sash in the other color or have coordinating flowers.


Choosing the Right Color Wedding Dress

Pastel colors are great for a color wedding dress. The light colors are not as obvious as bold ones. Light pinks, pale blues, mint greens and lavenders are nice hues for colored wedding dresses. Pastels are the way to go for a spring wedding. Summer brides can opt for darker shades of blues, pinks, lilacs and greens while the flower girls and maid of honor can wear white with colored accents of the same hue as the color wedding dress.

A fall wedding would be best represented with the colors of autumn- oranges, golds, yellows and burnt sienna. The entourage could wear shades of autumns too but not the same shade as the bride's colored wedding dress.

A December wedding has lots of possibilities as you can choose the colors of Christmas or Winter Wonderland for your wedding gown.

Whether you go for bold, rich colors or for quiet pastels, make sure the color suits you!

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