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Edible Wedding Centerpieces

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Edible wedding centerpieces are some of the best centerpieces going and the reason is pretty obvious – you get to eat something!

Your guests will probably have not eaten for hours, they got up early to be with you, took part in your ceremony and your photos and then probably had a couple of drinks too. And as everyone knows drinking on an empty stomach makes you super hungry, which is why I love edible centerpieces!

However, I don’t love edible centerpieces that look so good you can’t eat them because that would spoil the whole look of your wedding table and being a polite wedding guest I wouldn’t want to do that!

So, my absolute favorite centerpieces that I can sample are those that look fab at all times. Which is kind of tricky, so here are my favorites.

Candy Dish

A bowl (jar, dish, gumball machine) filled with color co-ordinated or themed sweetie goodness. This is a wedding after all so your candy will want to look its best.

And if you are worried about the bowl being empty a bit too fast then have the waiting staff top them up after a bit.

The candy in the jar above is available at Shari's Berries.

Platters of Nibbles

Photo by Apha

Technical term that! ;) I mean a beautiful platter in your wedding color with tapas and meze type nibbles to keep your guests going through the meal.

Favors Piled High

A stack of favor boxes filled with candy or a chocolate looks great and I love wedding items that you can use more than once through your day as this is such a saving.

Maybe spend a bit more than you were planning on your favor boxes so that they look really smart and stand out on your table.

Most tables will have about 10 guests so these can get easily lost, you could have your favor boxes piled in a pyramid shape but with only 10 boxes this won’t make much of an impact.

Instead, raise the middle of your table with a cake stand and pile the favor boxes on the cake stand with maybe a few extra chocolates (for those hungry guests) or you could use a small box under the table cloth which will raise up the middle of the table.

Mini Wedding Cakes

Photo by Jasleen Kaur

Now I love this idea, instead of a big wedding cake with lots of tiers you have an individual wedding cake at each table – it only has to be big enough to serve 10 guests and then the bride and groom can go round each table and cut each cake.

At the same time they can chat to their guests and everyone will feel involved.

To make the wedding cake more of a centerpiece it will need to be raised on something like a cakestand. You can pick up clear glass/plastic cake stands at places like Walmart and Dollar Stores for not very much and I do see a lot of brides selling cakestands after their wedding. You could also look at renting them too.

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