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Email Wedding Invitations

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Email wedding invitations are often overlooked, as they are not seen as being the right thing to do for a wedding.

But wedding invitations are expensive and mailing them also adds up, so why not save yourself some money and send an email invite to the guests that you know would be happy to receive one.

Or more importantly to the guests that you know would know how to open an email invite!

Reasons To Send Email Wedding Invitations

  • So, rather than thinking you have to send everyone an invitation why not create an email invitation for your wedding for some of your guests.
  • Younger guests will find it easier to reply - they just have to tick the right box!
  • You will find it easier to collate all of your guests replies.
  • You can easily design different styles of invitations for your guests.
  • You can animate your invitation.
  • Sending emails will save you a lot of money.

Still Send Paper Invitations

If you still want to send paper or 'real' invitations to some of your guests - maybe grandparents and older relatives and friends then you still can.

By combining emails and printed invites you are reducing down the total cost of your invitations as you will need less printed invites. 

It amazes me that more couples don't mix up their invitations.

Free Printable Wedding Invitations

To save yourself even more money why not use our free printable wedding invitations?

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