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Flower And Candle Centerpieces
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Another way to save money on your flower centerpieces is to have candles as well. This adds extra sparkle and will bulk out your display, meaning you won't need as may flowers!

Photo by SpaceOdissey

The added sparkle will be perfect for an evening reception or if you are having a winter wedding where it is darker and you need more magic.

Photo by Phil Hawksworth

You could have glass votives around a vase filled with flowers, the glass votives are fairly cheap and can be bought in bulk so you can use a lot on each table for extra wow.

Photo by Foilman

Or you could include the flowers in a bowl with floating candles, you are looking for flowers that have a fairly flat head! Daisies, gerberas and carnations float really well.

Photo by Championship Catering

If you want a taller centerpiece with flowers and candles a submerged flower in a cylinder vase with a floating candle on the top would look great. Or you can wire the flowers and use them to decorate traditional candelabra.

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